Monday, March 3, 2014


I’m screaming ‘love’ from way above the rooftops. 

I suffer from the insanity of sinning repeatedly: I have broken tacit laws and become emotionally attached. I have dared to remember that love is a beautiful thing, too beautiful for fear to keep me away. 

I’m tossing a gold coin with pain on one side and love on another, and I have won every time:

For love has held my hand through the world of roses, poets, and art. It has given me music to match my feet that dance to the tune of being in love. It’s made me give into the thrill of crossing stars, the pleasure of being on edge everyday when ‘casual’ was a dull, isolated orgasm. 

Love is
a sun-kissed free fall
holding the hand of 
butterflies and uncertainty. 
Of never knowing
Of not caring to be sure
Of hope with a little skip
in your feet
and heart.

I am unafraid. I care for people who do not inhabit my body and mind. I trust to be trusting, I love to be loving. I am a light who shines to shine, 

fearless of being seen. 


of closing my eyes
To a child-like despondent waiting
of looking at life 
Like an endless “find me” puzzle
that’s hiding all the vital signs. 
Of loving learning
Of things new
Of people’s secrets:
their untempered truths. 

Love is in 
the hand-clasping
That leaves little shadows on the pavements

the loving feelings
which make a dull living bright and vivid. 

Love is sharing
a full life, a full heart.


I am in love, at your feet. Saying what I feel, holding your hand and marking your neck, missing you in my sleep, letting love songs make me weep: bathing you in the effervescence

of love. 


I am like a waterfall, 
I come from my mother,
who is everything. 

I rush with force and spray you 
with a mist of sparkling drops 
that help rainbows sing.

Surely you know that:
There is no point to me

unless                                                                                              I’m overflowing.

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