Monday, November 8, 2010

Black Love

Come forth from the lie defined,
Your putrid mind reeks of dementia.
And I’m calling to the you in I,
A separatist movement within the soul.
Nihilence asks of you,
His naked arms freeze my existence to enlightened dust.
-My world is too queerly true,
And I want to see the me in you. 

Today I’m grounded in flight,
Everything almost is,
But naught is without me or I,
A universal fallacy under control,
Religion holds the key,
Its existence armors the me plurally.
-My questions answer no one,
And ask of all that is untrue. 

Bring out a reason in time,
Your essence is imprisoning.
All we ask for is a real I.
Identity that calls us to being,
With only specious words to affirm,
Existentiality cannot conform,
Your vivacity is infinite and diverse.
-My search is inevitably lost for cause,
And the methods infuriatingly few.

The cards you hold and dice you roll,
Will never be what you want them to,
But only because they were born within me for you-
An invisible child that never breathes alone.
For a fear that it’s giver has borne.

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