Saturday, December 9, 2017

What makes

a two year old the object of a physically violent fight?
a five year old deserve to be told her father would break all her bones?
a seven year old make an "I hate you" version of the Barney song?
an eight year old teach her friends how to masturbate?
a ten year old try to suicidally poison herself?
an eleven year old wish someone would marry her so she didn't have to live at home anymore?
a thirteen year old protest constantly being called a whore (and other expletives) by family?
a nineteen year old have a 50% chance of catching on record vicious hate at any given time?

An incomprehensive list
An incomprehendable life

Does it take a battered mother?
Does it take dozens of silent bystanders?
Does it take a community of enablers?
Does it take one rich, abusive man?

When will there be a #metoo for me?
When will I be free to share?
When will anyone ask how I am?
When will there be acknowledging and recovering?
When will everyone stand up to this?
When will anyone stand up to this?

every night I fall asleep; a hundred times under my breath:
"please be today. please be today. please be today."

Monday, June 12, 2017


Graveyard hour
Your body crushes me.
Bones are stones.

Insomniacs together,
Blaming the other:
A future of guilt
Victims of 
pointless stress;
Punch clocks

As we lie in the 
Brightest darkness
Every breath, every micro-movement
We are playing 
monkeys jumping on the bed 

There is some red, 
Some dazzling blue:
in the purple of my

Oh honey,
Lady liberty won't bleach 
our linens white 
So sleep on the floor

Or bleed more frugally