Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Good in Every Heart

To see Mankind,
In solely one light:
His unabated, glorious, bright:
That gave their lives meaning.

Can it be expected?
Oh Seat so mighty and high,
That we could, with relief, just once sigh!
Seeing this world left with want for intolerance.

To not assume our reflections harsh;
To stare without distrust at our neighbor’s lair,
To be satisfied that the world is indeed fair-
For it would but give our own hearts delight.

Circumspection is most tiring,
And what a way it has!
Of replacing every sweet word with sass,
In conversation that was meant to be joyful.

Oh and to see the good in every heart!
For each soul has some, certainly:
The lion must hunt or perish, is slaughter thus, still unholy?
It would but, make our worlds a little brighter.

Not to uphold your will against another’s,
For this will but create conflict and ignorance,
And only conscious strides can ensure abundance:
-Of hope, trust, reliance and true life.

Perhaps idealism can be drawn to far,
But then, perhaps it isn’t;
Perhaps the world is just too active (or even indolent),
But unquestionably, it is not evil.

Could we not try?
To hear another’s pain and struggle,
To understand they ask for mere survival;
All it needs is love, and gentle, not imperative, tenacity.

Is it too much, to ask for effort?
Is it too much, to dream of excellence?

Apparently, it is, and apparently, it isn’t.