Monday, May 27, 2013

No Color

It’s dark inside, and outside too. 
Where do I turn to get away from you?
A quiet whisper, would have been enough, 
But the storm came without as much as a cloud. 
Endings and beginnings merge into one, 
Even as a little baby turns to stone in my womb, 
The labour of expelling it births a mother. 
I used live like anyone else: one moment after another.
But today there is a sense to this that I cannot make,
I can’t close my eyes because I don’t want to miss the vital sign.
Little do I know it’s killing me.
Little do I know I want to die.

I’m turning green, already black and blue, purple with rage-
I’m heartbroken mostly. Heartbroken too.
There is no color for pain
There is no color for pain
The colored face that stares at me has eyes that lie,
And you lie for those eyes because they save you from seeing.
I lie for my eyes because if I see...
I don’t think you or I could survive me.

The little dog wagged her tail and turned to me today.
She knew my eyes were dry from crying.
And she knew that although I may not have studied her or published her in the news,
I loved her because love doesn’t choose.
Gender, Age, Species, Object, Race?
Love for love, and not for a halo, not for your face.
I know to love, it is no game I play.
There is no color for love.
There is no color for love.
You cannot empathize or fight cruelty,
When you are cruel to your lovers.
For what else was her lapping tongue and wagging tail?
But the lover's love that begs to prevail?