Friday, July 8, 2005

Drift Away Into the Whole

Beauty evident in everyway,
Selfless, mindless, yet full of heart,
Brimming with love,
Shared without need of being repaid.

Listen without your ears,
See with your heart,
Think by feeling,
Observe- it’s a start.

Peace, unadulterated joy,
Discover it within,
Let your being sing openly,
Don’t shy, be wholehearted,
Release yourself of pessimism.

Distinguish your life,
Sense your soul,
Feel special, be beautiful,
Lose yourself to love,
Drift away, into the whole…

Friday, March 25, 2005

The Land of Noor

Twinkle on, twinkle on,
O Star as bright as only Thou can be,
O Star of Divinity.

Light up your land,
She calls for you,
As the veil of eternal darkness,
Slowly engulfs her.
The veil that must be lifted,
Lifted to reveal a land of vitality,
A land of sheer beauty.

This is the tale of a land,
Once called the land of the night,
A land which has since transformed,
Into the land of Noor
The land of light.

A land of life,
A land of vivacity,
A land of colors,
A land of the element water,
Its garb white streaked with aqua.

A land that radiates your light,
A land that revels in your essence,
The essence of purity,
A land that is, and will always be.

Twinkle on, twinkle on,
O Star as bright as only Thou can be
O Star of Divinity