Saturday, November 26, 2011

Knock. Knock. You Insist We Are Psychologically Harmful?

You’re a stupid moron.
You’re just a piece of shit.
A tiny half-chaddi,
Against whom I do not need to sharpen my wits.

You’re a dumb broad,
Your mother’s one too,
A daft little whore,
Who wears pink to perform in your music-show.

You dress like a slut,
You act like a bitch,
You’re a prostitute,
(Just like everybody else is.)

Are you a monkey?
Dho-dalun kya?
I’ll break your bones if you don’t listen to me,
You should love your papa.

Get the fuck out!
Your friends are also all pimps and whores.
You don’t love me anyway,
I’m just Mr. Moneybags, why stay?

Shut the fuck up!
I’m not wrong.
Silly whores only know to cry when,
They goad men to hit them.

I’m not going to stop,
I’ve already said that it’s wrong,
But the most violent people in the house,
Are you prostitutes, who egg me on.

Let me tell your brother that you’ve never listened.
Don’t you dare say a word!
Because my little shit moron,
That’s going to get me provoked.

Isn’t this fun!
It’s just a laugh and you know it…
I think everyone’s a prostitute,
A spade’s a spade or a bloody shovel.

Saying I love you is quite dumb,
Reminding others that they are whores
And ungrateful bitches is however
Quite deeply necessary.

What’s your problem?
Little “Miss Khushboo Shah”
(of at least 9 years age)
Why are you mischief mongering?
Have you not had enough?

Don't speak and LEARN TO LISTEN, YA MORON. 

Is that Understood?
Are we Clear?

-Khushboo Shah