Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Dream Far Too Much

Why can’t I sleep?
I’m tired.
And there’s nothing to keep me awake.

It always starts so quietly.
I close my eyes and hope.
I breathe heavy,
A tired sigh.
And while it climbs through the undergrowth so slowly,
It soon soars high.

There’s the colors.
The sounds and lovers.
The cruel words.
The bizarre outlanders.

They tell stories that crush.
I dream far too much.

It ends like an exhausted song,
That dwindles down my lanes and stops,
I wake up without ever sleeping,
I’m still recovering from reading
A book that ended without ever beginning.

Who is my Pygmalion?
He chisels a troubled frown. 

A computer programmer?
Who set free,
Within me,
A virus he can’t shut down.

-Khushboo Shah 

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