Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Will you ever fall?

Your light eyes and quick smiles,
The pleasure in your fleeting love,
Your face tells of your mind,
It’s quiet, unrequited desire-
That fills you with an icy fire. 

You know the unconventionality in you,
The happenings that keep escaping through,
The quiet pride you won’t admit,
It’s disastrous legacy-
That keeps you from loving me. 

Your diminished adoration,
From being just a little barren,
Your shaking hands say it all,
The provoked repression of passion-
That never lets you fall.

You know the days that never work,
The closed mind that makes it rough,
The lie you know you’ll tell yourself,
Its miserable fortification-
That leaves you dry and helpless. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Carelessly Loved

Your little bursts of rare pleasure,
The confusion left the air laden,
All the tension that crept into my way,
Even as it renewed long forgotten wounds;
There was something in your shadowy flame,
Inspiringly juvenile and sporadic flow,
I loved you more than I let you know. 

Your last streaks of adolescent uncertainty,
The politeness stung ever so meekly,
All the emotions that fled to the night,
Even as they made me stray from serenity,
There was something in your burgeoning aura,
Enchantingly sordid and impersonal bearing,
I loved you more than is worth knowing.