Friday, May 4, 2012


and cloudless blue skies:
Clich├ęs surround me.

Noon-time showers,
And dreams mellowed-mango
by my eyelids.

Laughing sounds of a twinkling drop
Of cold water next to its friends
And mine, scantily dressed.
(To the sunshine times.)

Yellow warmth,
and ripe mulberries.
A saffron smoothie is the afternoon.

Ice-cream cones,
Falling on sundresses,
Disrobe me coyly.

Drench my toes
in the mock coldness,
I'm on a motion(less) picture-walk
through time and space.  

The Sun-kissed Songbird:
a cocktail so potent,
I’m hazily dancing to a sunny upbeat.

Lemonade sunset,
take my heart with you?
Before all the boys come out to play.

I’ve summersaulted into the golden season again.

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