Sunday, November 17, 2013

Love is a Walker

In dark rooms
My thoughts wander to you. 
Like waterfalls in the wind, 
They have direction, 
But not precision. 

So they float, 
And swirl around
like unallied smoke 
after it’s far enough away
From my blackened lips, 
On a Black-coffee Monday. 

They avoid the fact, 
Just as I do, 
That I’m not just thinking, 
But I’m thinking of you,
You’re a sunset morning to me. 

Little fizzle, 
Fuzzle dizzle,
Dazzle me with the moonshine
But don’t tell me to look in a mirror
And face my mind. 

Because I’m far away, 
Never close enough 
when you're outside me. 
And my drifting brain, 
Is silly to kill me

With these beautiful thoughts of you.

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