Friday, December 7, 2007

The Small Things in Life

A humble commencement,
A tiny offering,
A minute gesture in sentiment,
A little love in passing:

A baby, all small and sweet,
A twinkle, short-lived, not weak,
A smile, effortlessly immense,
A lie, a moment, but oh so tense!

A silent wish,
An ephemeral giggle,
A quiet swish,
An imperceptible riddle:

A look, so brief, yet so lucrative,
A word, succinct but still imperative,
A sigh, so minute, still so significant;
A star, magnificent, but just a little distant;

A peck of love,
A trickle of rain,
A soaring dove,
A sting of pain:

A blush, so sudden and so telling,
A kiss, so simple, yet so compelling,
A brush, so fleeting but still so cherished,
A pebble, so small, still never perished.

A ray of hope,
A spark of passion,
A gleam of life,
A slice of heaven:

The joy and the strife;
-The small things in life.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Religion That Isn’t

A flaming Cross,
Of fear and strife,
A cold Candle,
That freezes life.

A judging Crescent,
Ablaze with bias and disdain:
Why can’t we choose not to choose?
-To remain stable and sane. 

Emotions dictate,
Never really any prophet or saint:
For we only pick shades,
With which we want to paint.

Everything can be justified,
And everything cannot,
One word against another:
Conflict is thus wrought. 

Rules can be broken without shame,
But inner conviction always shines through;
Where blind faith is impersonal-
True love and care defines you. 

Religions shed blood and tears,
Awareness and trust neither,
Ink fades to dust or runs with showers,
But belief remains with one ever after.

Look into your heart,
Not into a statue’s harsh eyes,
Live life, true and fulfilling,
Not obedience, and to yourself lie.