Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just a Few Dead Bodies Hoping to Donate Our Eyes

What would you say if you found me alone?
Taking my time to see what I want.
What would you do if the phone went off?
Creeping thoughts broken by its vacant sound.
I think everything is okay with me,
There’s nothing I wouldn’t try to see,
If you asked me openly. 

We’re just a few uncertain notes in the song.
Spinning up and down, thinking we’ll come around.
Love stories left untold,
Play-doh left to mold.
Romance is dead when the rose isn’t red,
But the best things don’t grow old.
I’m autonomous, existing free.
I’m true to me. 

Where would you go if I turned the lights off?
To see if darkness made me feel lonely.
Where would you be if the world was empty?
Reflection needs a surface to be real.
I think I don’t need you,
There’s authenticity in my emotion,
If you let me feel openly. 

We’re just a few doubtful dots on the matrix.
Trying our best to print a real life out.
Professions waiting to materialize,
Dead bodies hoping to donate their eyes.
The love is gone if I’m withdrawn,
But the true is constant.
I’m separate, invitingly whole.
I’m unhampered, not cold.

When would you see me if I asked for space?
To see what I liked about your pretty face. 
When would you laugh if I said I was funny?
Just to see if I could be me in a community.
I think I’m happy with you,
There’s something in this,
If you let me be. 

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