Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Speaking your heart to a cool lover
Is, perhaps, like being skinned alive. 
You are vulnerable, and more than naked 
More so
Juxtaposed by their armored habits
Unto which acid could be spilled, 

You are hardy too.
Or not anymore?
Well, usually, some spilled orange juice
Would not hurt you--
But today, on raw, gleaming skin
It sears.

Are you afraid to pine?
Do you understand the beauty of

which have a way of making
All the world brighter 
Uncovering all its hidden philosophy:
Even a juice bottle will tell you 
separation is normal. 


A bottle of dead fruit-- a bottle!
--Taught me
To think to myself,
When I am crying:
"This is
just to shake it well; 
we will drink
in a quick moment. 
Maybe, if I draw the salt in my body up to
My eyes
It will mix things up inside."

The drink is much sweeter,
For just a moment 
Of shaking it up. 

An aside:
Is that why 
they say 
we must
the moment?"

Living in the moment
Just means 
Remembering that tears 
Make you sweeter. 

Well, I just lived a moment 
cast aside. With you.

Pining makes me reflective
In all these pretty ways
And so 
You are perfect 
Not for loving me,
For my love.

The wisest lovers do not say 
"The greatest love is one that 
lights the sky up," 
They say it makes 
A breakfast beverage richer than 
Red hook's treasure;
And we all know that it's
Hard to be unhappy
In a rich world.

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