Monday, September 5, 2011

Lucky That Love's My Best Friend

How do you know when it’s okay to wait?
Because sometimes you say things too soon.
And then a little longer just feels like it’s much too late.

I have all these questions.
I know you want forever,
Before you start to try things out.
And that you think tomorrow is never,
But what do I do when you’re all torn and I’m crying too loud?

What do I really want today, anyway?
Just a little bit of everything I like?
Restful nights or maybe some to stay awake?

A tree and a garden.
A pot on the stove.
A little hand to hold,
A place to call home?
A voice to come back to?
A bed that isn’t cold?

Some things have full stops,
But others aren’t even-toned.
And pauses show indecision,
That will soon be grey and old.

A few things are certain,
Even in a life that hasn’t begun to unfold.
And the mind is so fickle,
It says what it hears it hasn’t been told.

I look to the sunset,
Without blindsiding the day.
I know that it’s not easy,
But somehow it always ends up okay.

You make me happy and please me,
I just want the same.
It’s hard to believe me,
But I really am quite sane.

I wish we could try harder,
To learn to let go.
Or even wait for each other,
But I really don’t know.

Maybe it inspires,
To cause for an effect.
And it’s wishful to hope that
I’m na├»ve all the way until I have grown. 

We can’t be giving,
Until we have ours to give.
And I know this, believe me?
There’s so much to start before I end,
Lucky that love’s my best friend. 

-Khushboo Shah

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