Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I waived a promise again.

Your answers elude me,
And I question so blatantly.

Why does it strike the culpable?
Guilty of the same crime.
Your eyes draw mine tangentially-
That it may well be unrequited stings.

Your answers still elude me,
And I question elsewhere.

Why are there silences in between?
Watching live shadows gambol and game.
I was drawn because contact is often
A soul’s muse to persist and feel.

Your answers elude me yet:
And I question my ponderings.

Why does an accident prelude turmoil?
It’s passing so ephemerally endless.
And again I was drawn, unfortunately,
 To what is drawn elsewhere.

Your answers elude me no less than they did,
And I cease questioning.

Why is preserving oneself so challenging?
We once were hopelessly devoted to survival.
I have drawn eyes before,
You’re overwrought and in another’s keeping.

Curiosity killed me painfully and quickly.
Ignorance would have slaughtered me torturously.

I cannot waive the promise again.

But I have.
With faith in my goodness.

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