Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An Ugly Truth

I heard a pair of little squirrels scurry away,
I heard tiny voices sing songs: so happy and gay,
I looked and loved what I saw.
(Spontaneity is most beautiful!) 

I heard you happy after many a day,
I heard that you’re on a holiday,
I saw a family glad.
(For the attention)

I heard a helter-skelter rush today,
I heard you scream for everyone to get up and play,
I was pleased to see you worried about de-stressing.
(After all it is most important!)

I heard an old man tell of an aged day,
I heard you made an expensive God to which you pray,
I stood amazed to see you ask your gilded creation for wealth.
(It seemed to be an investment of use.)

I heard that life can be pretty today,      
I heard it would be if I spent it keeping it that way,
I felt happy knowing I could justify a waste.
(Anything that distracts from an ugly truth.)

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