Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pregnant With Desire

Love and light,
In unsteady flight-
Forced, in fear,
By eyes, so near,
I pray again,
Oh light, do send:
Bless me; shed this decaying skin,
Deliver me; born anew, of a brighter kin.

Towers tall: so strong and sound,
Unshaken by wind, hail and storm-
Give me their steadfastness,
Light, I beg- give me one scar less,
But leave one to hark me back- oh, the pain:
Let not indecision seep in, over again.

As the arms of delirium come forward in embrace,
And the lips of lust kiss my face,
Insatiable inquisitiveness now takes over,
A rush ensues, in apparent race-
And then the sting- so raw and bitter,
Light, I am chastised, and for the better.

But I urge, oh Light, do provide,
That this lesson is forever remembered,
That it shall never meander, or hide:
And into the crevices of my mind surrender-
The memory of a filth that overcame,
Rushed in and almost remained:
Spreading, as does with wind fire,
Leaving my soul-
Pregnant, with desire.

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