Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Creations’ Death

Onwards upon this strange behest,
The everlasting earths’ one call,
I walk with the fear of failing my quest:
Lest mine be a true soul’s true fall;

For in this feral void of disaster,
Lay those dispelled by the lone eraser-
His black sorcery to continue,
His perfect balance to review and renew,
They put most in plight-,
Allow few the gift of flight,
Dark that arises from the light:
Myriad shadows through myriad suns-
Banished, nevertheless His own sons.

With pain and delusion came the first day,
And their lightless life was ticking away-
When He turned to His punishing face,
Turned existence into a race,
Imprisoned minds in heaven and hell:
And with a vortex of lies He does quell.

How can I call such my father?
When I love one and another?
Paths do fork, and may have mislead,
Many a traveler may perish in dread:
Unsure of which path to tread…

Angels who rebelled against-
But angels still in their core essence,
Questioning can not be a sin,
So why’ve we been lead, to expel it from within?
Which true being, angel or mortal-
Would ever restrict, the flow of nature,
Would ever unsteady, her ancient anchor? 

Remember love, and forget sin-
Mistakes are natural, embrace nature,
And search within.
Conscious steps lead to freedom,
Truth is and truth will enlighten:
Recall these words when in dark despair,
And tell your tale, but tell it fair.

(Inspired by Philip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’ Trilogy.)

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