Saturday, July 11, 2009

Life is Yours to Live

Rush through the madness,
Don’t remember to return the call,
Forget that words can hurt,
-And the lack of them, most of all. 

 Overlook that little thank you,
It’s just a formality anyway, 
And don’t say that sweet pretty please,
But know that it can make or break your day. 

Give a gift only to buy compliance,
And make them love you by filing them with dread,
Lie and strike out, all because of the pressure, 
Say you won’t choose your path before you choose to tread. 

Realize that comfort and joy are essential,
But put the frown before the smile nonetheless,
You’d rather curse the T.V. than laugh at it,
Don’t you know there’s always good hidden under the mess?

You always remember to compare what you can,
And forget to appreciate what you cannot,
You force it on them; although you know how bad guilt feels,
Understand that you do a lot of what you think they should not

Don’t join in because you don’t like the rules,
And then throw a tantrum because you’re lonely and sad,
Forbid them from loving you, since you’re certain you outdo them,
Realize that great isn’t an option, you only feel better after you feel bad.

Trap yourself in a maze of words and games,
Wonder how life vanished, who stole the work and the fun?
Ponder on it a lifetime more- then pop the question again,
Build it up too much and it always seems better said than done. 

Depend on the blame game since it’s easier than depending on yourself,
Go on and take from the world although you have nothing to give,
Pride destroys you silently even while you passionately defend it,
You make yourself who you are: life is yours to live. 

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