Friday, December 7, 2007

The Small Things in Life

A humble commencement,
A tiny offering,
A minute gesture in sentiment,
A little love in passing:

A baby, all small and sweet,
A twinkle, short-lived, not weak,
A smile, effortlessly immense,
A lie, a moment, but oh so tense!

A silent wish,
An ephemeral giggle,
A quiet swish,
An imperceptible riddle:

A look, so brief, yet so lucrative,
A word, succinct but still imperative,
A sigh, so minute, still so significant;
A star, magnificent, but just a little distant;

A peck of love,
A trickle of rain,
A soaring dove,
A sting of pain:

A blush, so sudden and so telling,
A kiss, so simple, yet so compelling,
A brush, so fleeting but still so cherished,
A pebble, so small, still never perished.

A ray of hope,
A spark of passion,
A gleam of life,
A slice of heaven:

The joy and the strife;
-The small things in life.

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