Thursday, March 9, 2006

Long Nights and Fresh Beginnings

Bursts of lightning lacerate the blue,
Stars are veiled, dreading identification,
The lone light is accompanied by thunder,
And neon streaks are all I can go by…

Why do I feel the earth is breaking, before my very eyes?
Is it just His vengeance?
Or is it something else?
Why won’t She stop her elegy?
Doesn’t she know,
That tears are contagious?

I know it’ll all be over,
But the child inside exposes itself,
And I’m filled with terror-
Searching for cover,
Although I don’t really need it.
Oh for the night to be over!

Morning just broke,
Echoing the first light,
Drenched in dew,
Sunk in radiance-
A fresh start,
My fears are washed away,
Once more.

Rough times always make the good seem better,
Warmth always makes the cool colder;
Fright is always pursued by respite,
Just as tears are chased by joy:
And long nights by fresh beginnings.

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